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Benefits of wearing gold & silver jewellery & what suits us best?

We tend to naturally gravitate towards either silver or gold jewellery and some are lucky bouncing between both. In this post we are exploring the benefits of both metals and also what suits our complexion best.

It comes down to skin tone, if you're blessed with natural warm tones then the yellow hue of gold compliments well making you appear brighter and radiant. If you have cool skin tones then silver is said to enhance your natural complexion by appearing more vibrant and youthful.

How do I identify my skin tone?

Veins! A quick way to identify whether you are warm, cool or neutral is to have a look at your veins on the back of your wrist, if they appear blue or purple you have cool undertone: if they appear green or yellowish you are warm and if your veins are a mix of green blue it's a good indication you are neutral and can go either way.

GOLD jewellery

The history of gold jewellery is vast and goes back centuries. The earliest record of gold being used in jewellery dates back to ancient Egypt with necklaces, bracelets, heavy neck collars, pendants and earrings galore.

Made from what is known as the most precious metal, it’s no wonder that gold jewellery is renowned for its symbolic reputation of wealth and social status, it has the ultimate classic vibe!


Gold is said to be one of the most durable metals and for good reason because of its resistance to the effect of elements such as time and weather conditions. Gold is soft and easily bent, it is alloyed with other metals like copper or silver to give it a much tougher structure, this is where the carat system comes in, The carat is a unit used in jewellery to measure how much gold is in a piece relative to the other metals that are present

A 24 carat gold ring will be more expensive and have a higher value than a 14 or 9 karat gold ring but it is also softer and more prone to scratching and bending. If you want a durable ring you can wear every day without worrying about it getting scratched or it’s band bending then going for a 9 or 14 carat is an excellent choice.

Although 9ct gold is cheaper and has a lighter color than 24 carat gold, it is much more durable because of the high content of other alloys in it that make it tougher and more resistant to wear.

Health benefits

Claims about the health benefits of gold date back centuries; it was used by ancient cultures to treat such ailments as smallpox, ulcers, measles, and more. Today gold is used for treating a range of ailments as well as in medical devices such as stents, implants, dental applications, beauty products and much more. It isn’t much of a stretch to think that gold jewellery has health benefits too, many cultures have claimed this for centuries. At the very least, gold can be a wise financial investment and a beautiful way to create a feeling of well-being.

* Promotes cellular regeneration

* anti-inflammatory properties

*. treatment for skin problems

*. improve blood circulation

spiritual properties

Gold has also been used to open and to activate the third-eye and crown chakras. It has been said to attract wealth, happiness, provide composure, stabilise the emotional system, alleviate tension and stress and amplify positive feelings. It also assists one in attuning to nature and its healing forces.

Complimentary gemstones

These are six of my favourite gems to pair with gold:

~ Ruby

Symbolizes royalty and power. The wearer of ruby is believed to be protected from enemies, blessed with good health and immunity.

~ Sapphire ~ green & blue

Sapphire works well to stimulate communication, insight, intuition, divination, inspiration and stillness. ​Sapphire releases depression and increases the endorphins in your body. Sapphire has a calming effect

~ lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth, understanding and aids the process of learning.

It is excellent for enhancing memory.

~ moonstone

It's power can nourish, give passion and awaken your feminine energies. It can heal and guide you to your inner path. Together with the waxing and waning of the moon, it evokes tranquility that has a sensual, esoteric feel to it.

Moonstone exudes a glowing vitality that can re-energize the mind and body and wash negativity away.

~ pink tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love, compassion, emotional healing and self love. It helps calm ones emotions in times of distress and is the perfect stone to carry if you suffer from daily bouts of anxiety. This stone is such a strong healing stone due to it commonly being formed within Quartz masses. Quartz naturally amplifies any stone placed near it, so we regularly recommend Pink Tourmaline to anyone suffering from heavy emotional pain weighing on the heart. For people who have recently gone through a tragedy, heartbreak, loss of a loved one, or simply can't kick that daily depression, Pink Tourmaline is the stone for you.

Sterling Silver jewellery

Silver jewellery history is just as rich as gold & has been worn by many ancient civilisations throughout time. The earliest evidence of silver jewellery comes from what is now Turkey and the Middle East, the metal was valued for its beauty and rarity and was often used to create intricate, decorative pieces for both men and women.


Sterling silver is a very durable metal due to the mix of silver and other alloy metals. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear, which is why it's a popular choice for jewellery. Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other alloys usually copper. It does tarnish over time when not worn or left out in the elements but if stored in a bag or box will slow down this process and is easily cleaned up like new again.

Health benefits

As a metal, silver has significant health benefits that have been used across cultures for centuries. Silver has a proven track record as a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections and aiding in cold and flu prevention, wound healing and more.

Silver also helps with internal heat regulation and circulation. Many have reported improvements in energy levels and balance in moods after wearing silver, as its natural properties may offset outside electrical disturbances, improve circulation and overall body temperature balance and help maintain immunity.

Spiritual properties

Known to enhance self-confidence, attract positive energy and reduce stress. Whether you are looking for physical relief, emotional balance or simply a beautiful accessory, sterling silver jewellery has much to offer.

Some believe a silver ring represents the moon and is a symbol of feminine power, in some other cultures it's seen as a symbol of purity and wisdom. Others believe it has to do with the metal itself and it's ability to conduct energy. No matter what it's meaning or culturally believed silver jewellery can be enjoyed around the world by anyone.

Complimentary crystals

Some personal favs to compliment silver:


All round healing - Assists all childhood ailments . It stabilises hyperactive children, releasing karmic causes of the condition. Prehnite alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep-seated fears. Aligned to the earths meridian grid the crystal seals the auric field in a protective shield. Prehnite connects to multidimensional beings, assisting children who do not feel comfortable in the dense earth vibration.

Teaches how to be in harmony with nature and elemental forces revitalising your surroundings.


An extremely high vibrational crystal. Prized for it's prosperity enhancing properties, citrine encourages generosity of spirit and accumulation of wealth. Encouraging gratitude for the small gifts in life citrine motivates you to freely share your abundance and your heart! The bright energy of citrine counts your blessings and raises your self confidence.

Great for counteracting depression and is an all rounder optimistic & positive vibes kind of stone!

Who doesn't need this in their life?!!!!

Libyan desert glass

Created when a meteorite catapulted molten rock and sand high into the stratosphere creating a glass like substance. Multidimensional & also known as Libyan gold tektite helps those who do not feel connected to the planet to ground themselves.

Said to have powerful links to the wisdom of ancient Egypt. Dissolving restrictions placed in another life cutting away all that is outgrown. Harnessing phenomenal force.

Pieces are found scattered across many square miles in the Sahara desert and range in colour from a transparent yellow to a full-bodied gold. I'm desperate to get my hands an a piece of this!


The karmic opal is said to reach out to cosmic consciousness and induce metaphysical and mystical visions. Opal has always been associated with love, passion desire and eroticism. It encourages positive emotions and exploring your deepest feelings.

Opal teaches that what you put out comes back. It amplies deeply ingrained traits, whether they are deemed "good" or "bad" and draws characteristics to the surface for transformation and to discover the gifts within.

Opal looks beautiful with both gold & silver jewellery, a stunning example of this is Katie Flinn designs otherworldly jewellery creations.

The benefits are endless! Explore and go with what makes you feel FABULOUS!

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