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Easy full moon rituals 🌙💫

Hello lovelies, anyone who knows me knows I'm slightly obsessed with all things moon

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so let's kick this blog off with full moon rituals 🌙

Whether you're looking to release, manifest something, or simply set aside time to get in touch with yourself, it's the absolutely perfect time to do so and really simple.

By doing rituals on or around the full moon, you're both amplifying the effects of your rituals through the moon's energy, as well as working with the natural rhythms of the lunar cycle.

4 easy full moon rituals ....starting with my favourite 🌙💫 JOY ring - moon jewellery NZ


This one can be done absolutely anywhere but it's incredibly powerful if you create an alter or sacred space where you can perform it.

  1. Gather some inspirational objects, books, crystals, flora anything that contains energy of what you want to manifest

  2. Meditate and relax your mind for a few moments as you get clear on what you're calling in.

  3. I personally close my eyes and visualise what I want to happen, in my mind it's usually a story of how it looks and what needs to happen to get to that and the emotions and celebrations once it's come into fruition.

  4. Sit with those thoughts for a while, breathe and release it out there.

  5. I usually also like to have gentle air flowing through the area you are in, incense and candles burning.

take a full-moon bath

Under the full moon, you’ll want to first prepare by cleansing the mind. It’s also believed that epsom salt soaks in the tub can clear your energy field or aura.

While you are soaking in the tub, put on binaural beats, frequency sounds, a guided meditation or any audio that helps you to relax. You can say your full moon intentions aloud while you're relaxing in the tub as you imagine the full moon restoring every cell of your body. It doesn't need to be a bathtub any body of water.

making moon water

Moon water is water that has had time to sit under the light of the full moon and soak up some of its power. It can be used for a number of things, from drinking to bathing and even watering your house plants.

  1. Fill a container with water. If you can use fresh rainwater, even better but any water is OK.

  2. Place your container in direct moonlight. It doesn't matter whether it's outside on your porch or inside on a window sill! Anywhere with moonlight will do.

  3. Think about what you want to use this moon water for and say it outloud over the jar to seal your intention.

  4. Leave overnight. Once your container is in place and your intention is set, leave the jar overnight in the moonlight. In the morning, your moon water will be good to go!

Release what no longer serves you

We accumulate loads of unwanted energy (others as well as our own), old beliefs, wounds etc so this is an important but simple one to do.

  1. Under the full moon write down what you are ready to release. Fold it several times and in a fire-safe bowl or outside light the edge of your list on fire and watch as all of the things that have been weighing you down start to burn away. After the list has turned to ash, you can bury these ashes outside or throw them away saying “I release what no longer serves me” and leave it behind you.

  2. Alternatively if you don't have pen & paper on hand you can just speak this.

full moon ritual

image by @wovenjewelnz

Pic taken from our meditation goddess circle held honouring great mother ISIS. Bloodstone offering and flora foraged from our surroundings 🧙‍♀️🌿

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28 abr 2023

Good reminder, thanks Coll.

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Only 7 days until the next full mooooooon!!! 🌙🌒

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