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Money bowl magick 🪄

Lets talk money, financial abundance, we all want more of it in our life right?! hell yes...of course we do!

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A wonderful ritual to try out is money bowl magick, it's about setting intention, focus of energy combined with select ingredients/tools to activate.

Placement of your bowl is important, I created a wee alter space within my home that has a good vibe, flow, plenty of sunshine and is visible as I move about throughout my day.

Being able to see the finished product is a wonderful reminder and also creates a positive, uplifting feel.....a key ingredient to your spell 💫

There's loads of different ways you can do this, I personally found the Olivia's witch of wonderlust video below an excellent place to start, it's super easy and just feels natural, check it out and see what you think.

Stay aware of the opportunities the universe sends after you complete this spell.

Remember......Financial abundance can come in many forms.....not just money in your bank!!!

Elemental symbols are perfect to use for your rituals. The earth symbol works great with the money bowl being an abundance symbol. Check out my collection of ALCHEMY amulets.

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