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Ring placement & what it REVEALS about you!!

Have a habit of wearing your rings on the same fingers? Well there's more to this than meets the eye! Check out what each finger symbolises.

ring placement on hand

According to psychology, history and other observations, different hands - left or right and different fingers have special meaning. The finger you choose to wear your rings on can say lot about your character and what you are intentionally OR unintentionally putting out into the world.

You can tweak the flow of your day by placing the ring on the finger associated with certain intentions. Let’s find out the subconscious meaning of each finger and the character it creates.

Left Hand:

Receive energy, thinking & creating hand

feminine essence (yin side)

The left hand of creativity & process, the thinking hand.

Receive or elaborate on specific qualities or skills.

Right Hand:

Giving energy to the outside world, physical action - Masculine essence (yang side)

Use the right hand to share specific qualities to the universe.

Wear on right hand if you already have that quality and want to share or manifest specific qualities to the world.

Little finger: Creativity and free-spirited. Bold with exquisite taste.

The pinky finger is the smallest digit of the hand and symbolizes status, dignity, trust, and intuition.

Shows trust through a pinky promise or swear.

Represents intuition in palmistry and indicate a person’s ability to tap into their instincts.

Pinky fingers symbolize the planet Mercury according to astrology and palmistry.

Crystals that boost little finger qualities: Amber, Citrine, Moonstone, Aquamarine.

• Natural Element: Air

Ring finger: Focuses on grace, love, beauty & compassion

Next to the pinky finger and mean romance, sensuality, and exuberance.

The main reason ring fingers are associated with romance and sensuality is because of marital traditions. In fact, the finger gets the nickname ring finger because of its association with wedding rings.

Outside of marriage, ring fingers symbolize exuberance in palmistry.

The sun rules the ring finger according to astrology and the base of the ring finger is called the mount of the Sun or Apollo.

• Crystals that boost finger ring qualities: Green Jade, Moonstone, Rose Quartz.

• Natural Element: Fire.

Middle finger: Attentive, self-confident & kind

Associated with a purpose in life and personal identity. Such a woman tends to be fair and self-confident, attentive and kind.

Wearing a ring on the left middle finger creates a direct connection with the heart.

Embodies planet Saturn, the symbol of good and evil, truth-seeking, obedience and rebellion.

Crystals that boost middle qualities: Clear Quartz, Coral, Pearls. • Natural Element: Earth.

Index finger: Authority, leadership & assertiveness

Index fingers or pointer fingers are used to command others and direct them as needed and as such hold a great deal of power. Additional index finger meanings come from palmistry. The index finger represents a person’s desire and can signify ambition.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of the index finger according to palmistry and astrology.

• Crystals that boost index qualities: Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, Peridot. • Natural Element: Water

Thumb: Strength, confident, independence & freedom

Thumb rings have always been symbols of wealth and prominence.

A woman bold enough to wear a ring on her thumb oozes devine goddess vibes!”.

Wearing rings on this finger focuses you on improving every kind of relationship including friendship, love, and business helping you in establish new positive attitude.

Crystals that boost thumb qualities: Rubin, Garnet, Diamond, Moonstone, Amethyst.

•Natural Element: Ether.

So if you haven’t tried it yourself yet - go ahead and play with your rings on different fingers, see how it changes your mindset & daily life.

I'm definitely going to be experimenting well as looking out for where people are wearing THEIR rings! 😂

Let me know how you go & your thoughts on the ring placement meanings in the comments.

Collette ✨


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