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Tips for finding your ring size!

What feels like a daunting or confusing actually pretty simple.

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Here are three potential methods for choosing the best ring size:

  • Ask your local jeweller to measure your finger using a professional ring sizer. This is the most accurate method and our first recommendation.

  • Purchase on of our re-usable ring sizers, this will give you piece of mind AND you will receive your money back with an online discount code from the ring sizer, this can be redeemed when you order your new ring.

  • Measure an existing ring that is worn on the same finger that the new ring will be worn on. Lay a ruler down on a flat surface and place the existing ring on top to measure the inside diameter. Then refer to the guide below to find out the closest matching ring size.

Your ring should feel comfortable to wear, allowing for factors which may change the size of your hands slightly, such as the weather/humidity or time of day. Try measuring your finger at different times of the day, then choose a ring size that will feel comfortable at both the times.

If you are choosing a sterling silver ring as a surprise for somebody else you will have to play sleuth and try to get finger measurements when they are asleep or measure from an existing ring.

Make sure you measure properly because even a few mm's can make a difference of how it fits and I tend to think it's better to lean on the tighter side because it's simple to make a ring bigger and a lot of jewellers will adjust at a low cost but going smaller is a lot more work and if stones are set in the ring already this is something I'm unable to do for you.

Check out the conversion chart on my sizing page for finding your ring size. Any questions I'm more than happy to help so sing out!!!

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