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Bring the four Elements into your life with silver amulets ~ jewellery hand sculpted in NZ.

Elemental symbols have played a part in alchemy, medicine, rituals and astrology for thousands of years. Representing nature, the cycle of seasons and spiritual energy.

There are countless ways to deepen your relationship with the four elements and bring them into your life. In this post you’ll learn a bit about the meaning behind each symbol, common correspondences and ways you can use them energetically and physically.

From ancient civilizations to modern day, the colours and symbols of the four elements have represented the different aspects of nature and the forces of energy in our world.

The idea that these four elements, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire made up all matter was the cornerstone of philosophy, science, and medicine for two-thousand years.

A great way of bringing them into your practice physically is with jewellery, you get to charge it with your energy and harness what you want & need, they can be either worn or used in ritual, either way it's a visual reminder of unique properties they hold.

If you want to work with them energetically could be through something as simple as noticing the elements in the natural world and how they make you feel, see which one resonates at that point in time and connect with that element to harness what's needed. You can also try meditating with the elements, they each have their OWN power and can be used as great manifestation/visualisation tools in our lives.

alchemy amulet outdoors

Air elements magical properties:

Sun sign: gemini, libra and aquarius

Season: spring

Intentions: Having to do with the Mind – learning, new beginnings, deep thoughts, knowledge, travel, creativity, writing, perception, self-expression, truth, movement, music, joy.

The suit of swords in the tarot, throat and heart space,

Rituals: incense, wind, sound, smoke, smells, feathers, birds

Crystals: sapphire, moldavite, opal, topaz, citrine, fluorite, amethyst

Day: wednesday

Moon phase: waning moon

Colours: Yellow, pale blue, light purple, cream, white

Earth elements magical properties:

Sunsign: virgo, taurus, capricorn

Season: Autumn

Intentions: fertility, self-reflection, wisdom, health, grounded, physical abundance, death and rebirth.

The suit of pentacles in the tarot with the seasons and earth’s cycles, sowing and reaping. Rituals: Salt, dirt, trees, rocks, food

Crystals: quartz, malachite, emerald, smoky quartz, peridot, jade, jasper, onyx, tourmaline (some believe ALL crystals can be used since crystals are derived from Earth

Days: thursday and saturday

Moon phase: new moon

Colours: Green, brown, black, or colors found in nature

Water elements magical properties:

Sun sign: cancer, scorpio and pisces

Season: autumn

Intentions: healing, trust, psychic abilities, dreams, empathy & lunar energy.

The suit of cups in the tarot, the sacral area.

Rituals: springs, ocean, tears, shells, wine, things in a liquid state like melting wax, and the forces that move us to feel so we can cleanse and heal.

Crystals: aquamarine, moonstone, fluorite, lapis and pearl

Days: monday & friday

Moon phase: full moon

Colours: light & dark blue, white, seafoam green & light grey

Fire elements magical properties:

Sunsign: aries, leo and saggitarius

Season: summer

Intentions: power, lust, determination, strength, passion, action, transformation, purification, freedom, destruction

The suit of wands in the tarot, the solar plexus area.

Rituals: Flames, heat, candles, bonfire, dance, and the destructive forces that ultimately encourage new growth

Crystals: obsidian, carnelian, red jasper, sunstone, rhodochrosite, amber, ruby, bloodstone, garnet, tigers eye, gold, brass

Days: sunday and tuesdays

Moon phase: waxing moon

Colours: red, orange, gold & crimson

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alchemy amulet collection


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