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Element symbols have played a part in alchemy, medicine, rituals and astrology for thousands of years.

Representing nature, the cycle of seasons and spiritual energy.


The fire element represents energy, passion and tramsformation, linked to the solar energy of the Sun.

Helps to spark ambition, courage, and tenacity.


Fire elements magical properties:



Sunsign: aries, leo and saggitarius

Season: summer

Intentions: power, lust, determination, strength, passion, action, transformation, purification, freedom, destruction

Crystals: obsidian, carnelian, red jasper, sunstone, rhodochrosite, amber, ruby, bloodstone, garnet, tigers eye, gold, brass

Days: sunday and tuesdays

Moon phase: waxing moon

Colours: red,orange,gold & crimson


Handcrafted using the ancient lost wax casting process using sterling silver.

Measures: 3 x 3.5 cm approx

925 sterling silver


* Chain option: Chain is ordered through supplier after your purchase (to avoid excess stock) so shipping will take an additional 1-2 days to arrive.

alchemy amulet ~ fire

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