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Similar to my original "valkyries" but with a different bail design.


Valkyries, fierce honourable maidens, beautiful armored warrior spirits best known depicted on horseback & armoured with spears.


In ancient norse mythology a valkyries job was to serve their war god odin choosing. slain worthy to ascend to their ultimate dream.... the halls of valhalla, the norse heavens for fallen heroes.


The optimistic blue chalcedony opens the mind to assimilate new ideas, improves memory & stimulates new languages.

This calming, communicative stone is set in what resembles a spear bringing both harmony and power for ultimate balance.


Molten 925 Sterling silver handcrafted using the lost wax casting technique making it a one of a kind piece.


Featuring a faceted blue chalcedony

Measures : 5.5 x 1 cm approx


* This pendant does not include the chain *


Chain sold seperately & ordered through supplier after your purchase (to avoid excess stock) so shipping will take an additional 1-2 days to arrive.

Valkyries sister ~ blue chalcedony

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