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Venus the brightest star illuminating the early evening western sky right now.

Dazzling & mesmerizing she feels like self-nourishment & healing, just look up and bathe in her energy, see what YOU get, it's intoxicating.


Venus amulet features a radian cut peach moonstone, known as the "gentle nurturer", loved for it's peachy-pink colour & pearly irridescent sheen. 


An Angelic stone thought to enhance creativity & inspiration promoting emotional balance, healing & harmony as well as deepen your intuition.

She shares the same devine feminine and goddess energies as the other moonstone varieties but offers an extra special connection between heart & personal will.


925 Sterling silver handcrafted using the lost wax casting technique making it a one of a kind piece.


Measures : 4 x 2 cm approx


* This amulet does not include the chain unless selected *


Chain sold seperately & ordered through supplier after your purchase (to avoid excess stock) so shipping will take an additional 1-2 days to arrive.

Venus in moonstone amulet

$260.00 Regular Price
$240.00Sale Price
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