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Hello lovelies, I'm collette the face and hands behind my creations. ​


As my journey grows I'm slowly discovering why creating treasure lights my soul up....I'm learning that personally for me it's ALL about creative expression & raising our vibration by wearing beautiful earth material adornments.


Each piece is imbued with it's own energy signature, like a blueprint. It's about capturing & amplifying this essence and transforming into a wearable piece of beauty to then share with soulful beings who need it.

Call it what you like ... meaningful jewellery, talisman, healing piece it doesn't matter, it's the feeling you GET!

valkaries & beacon of light necklace

the process

I use the ancient lost wax casting method... it just feels right, especially since humans have been using it for thousands of years. The process starts off as melted jewellers wax (which you will see in my instagram stories), a mold is then created from the wax piece & molten metal is poured in giving an exact replica of the wax version and tadaaaa you have your one of a kind piece!

When I'm creating I like listening to healing frequency music & sometimes mythical tales depending on the piece i'm making and what i'm feeling the wearer needs.


Working sterling silver & gold is a completely new journey but it's safe to say I'm hooked now!! So excited to see where it takes my designs and hope to play around with otherworldly, fantasy themes in the future, i have soooo many ideas! 

Thank you so much for stopping by my page, your support, comments, likes etc mean the world to me and are ALWAYS seen.

Stay amazing,

Collette ✨

Check out my instagram page to see more on my process - link below.

behind the scenes

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