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Hello lovelies, I'm collette the face and hands behind my creations. ​


I spend my days creating timeless asymmetrical, molten jewellery that explores organic shape, texture & imperfections!

Being drawn to the old world & ancient myths certainly influences my designs.

Imagine unearthing treasure and discovering jewels travelled through time.... wouldn't that be simply magical!! The STORIES they would carry! 

I have an arts background & worked in the photography industry for years, I still love capturing images but I've learned over time I actually need creative expression with a physical object.... making & building with my hands. It's meditative & expressive in both an emotional and physical sense.


Jewellery not only is an adornment of expression but has power to transform how we feel 


especially when gemstones are incorporated as they embody a unique energy that creates a healing force and can have therapeutic effects.


This is why it's important to select pieces you're naturally drawn too, sometimes we don't know the reason & actually we don't pick them, they pick us.

I use the ancient lost wax casting method... it just feels right, especially since humans have been using it for thousands of years. The process starts off as melted jewellers wax (which you will see in my instagram stories), a mold is then created from the wax piece & molten metal is poured in giving an exact replica of the wax version and tadaaaa you have your one of a kind piece!

I pour heart & soul into EVERY single piece, this allows the jewellery to  organically evolve and I get to fully enjoy the process along the way.

When created slowly with love the wearer will feel it, that energy transfer when you pop it on! it's super important to me.... vibe is EVERYTHING.


Working with earth materials and transforming into adornments is a completely new journey, one that absolutely lights me up!! I'm excited to see where it takes my designs and hope to play around with otherworldly, fantasy themes in the future.... lets see where this takes me 💫

Thank you so much for stopping by my page, your support, comments, likes etc mean the world to me and are ALWAYS seen.

Stay amazing,

Collette ✨

Check out my instagram page to see more on my process - link below.

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