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honour, nurture & empower your soul

 Talisman of potency

Creating your own talisman is a powerful way to acknowledge and deepen your journey of self discovery.

I see them as energetic reminders of what we personally want to bring to our being. It's a multi-layered process where we dive in and explore your desired essence creating a fully charged object of meaning.

Few things we wear become as one with our skin as the jewels we carefully put on every day as a ritual of dress, so why not honour your sacred vessel with an adornment attuned vibrationally to YOU.

We start with your personal intention, pull oracle cards for insights, hold space in ritual, select gems based on colour and healing properties & create a vision board bringing together the feel for your design.

infused with vibration, frequency, sound

everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want & your can't help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics

~ Albert Einstein


"feminine ancestral archetypes" 

Carry your ancient spirit


Do you see re-occuring themes in your life that you want to shift? sometimes they can be traits carried through lineages and cycle until we break them. We are free in  this lifetime to be who-ever we want.... but only if we are ready, that's where embodying your desired archetype comes in.


These archetypes come to pass on offerings of wisdom, to reveal & awaken what's buried within us.

Each type brings a different essence whether that's something you want to remember, embrace or heal & release. Let your archetype guide you, not only to empower but acknowledge wounds from outdated stories, in this lifetime & past.

​choose your archetype

~ the child  playful, dreamer, pure hearted, vulnerable, authentic, curious, impulsive, innocent, emotional

~ the mother  love, support, empathy, affection, nurture, compassion, protector, selfless, fertility

~ earthkeeper  grounded, resourceful, nurture, flourish, balance, medicine woman, persistent, observer

~ isis  goddess of healing & magick, maternal, protector, intuitive, independent  loving, compassionate, mother

~ traveller  explorer, change, adventure, curious, harmonious, self-sufficient, spontaneity, flow 

~ wild woman  rebel, misfit, truth teller, revolutionary, independent, bold, passionate, untamed, authentic

~ shield maiden  confident, protector, resilient, truth, brave, wounded, courageous, masculine/feminine balance

~ creatrix  Artist, innovator, dreamer, expressive, emotive, inventive, imaginative, passionate, spontaneous

~ huntress  survivor, tenacious, instinctual, courageous, bold, determined, intuitive, independent

~ empress​  empowered, abundant, strong, intuitive, leadership, loyal, secure, vibrant, sovereign

~ seer  messenger, channel, healer, visionary, alchemist, white witch, wisdom, balance, aware 

~ elder  wise, clever, instinctive, resilient, knowledge, mystery, power, harmony, clarity, balance, transformation

~ freyja  beauty, peace, love, fertility, passion, seer. war, sensuality, intelligence, creative, pleasure

~ priestess  devine power, ancient knowledge, initiation, sacred ritual, spiritual, confident, dreams, devoted



bespoke talisman

Choose your own personal essence

a manifestors dream!!!


Pendant or ring in my signature style with your metal of choice. This can include gems or even just be plain metal. I intuitively make from my heart so your design will be completely unique to you. 

​You receive your talisman beautifully packaged, a blue lotus tea blend and a candle with ritual prompt to activate upon receiving.


Timeframe is approx 6-8 weeks depending on work flow.

When taking on orders a non refunadble deposit is determined and paid prior to commencing to cover cost of materials upfront.

​Once completed in metal the remainder is paid in full.