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A joyous sprinkle of sapphire stardust!!


This spikey protection piece simply makes your heart sing with five different coloured sapphires nestled amongst molten silver. If you love texture and sapphires shes your queen!

Sapphire, the gemstone of September, is a precious gemstone believed to protect from from envy and harm.

Symbol of purity and wisdom, the stone is known to help in building healthy relationships. The stone represents faithfulness, sincerity, loyalty, reliability, truth, and sincerity. 


* Featuring australian natural ethically sourced sapphire stones.

Autumn pink, canary yellow, blue & green sapphire.

* Handcrafted using lost wax casting process.

* Size 6 in sterling silver

* Comes in a black & white box



Stardust ring ~ Sapphires

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