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empower & honour your soul

Welcome to my world of magical jewellery!

Collette Jewellery (formerly woven collective) is an online boutique where you'll discover a captivating collection of sterling silver and gold rings, earrings, and pendants that draw inspiration from our mystical universe and the beauty and wonder of mother earth.


I'm currently working on talisman jewellery which is a beautiful way to empower and honour yourself. It's a multi-layered spiritual process where we dive in and explore your desired essence and create a fully charged object of meaning, healing and potency to journey with.

Each piece is meticulously hand-sculpted from jewellers wax & transformed into metal using the lost wax method, rendering every creation one-of-a-kind.


Proudly crafted in Moutere New Zealand.

Hello... I'm collette, creator of soulful custom jewellery

As my journey grows I'm slowly discovering why creating treasure lights my soul up....I'm learning personally it's ALL about joy of creative self expression & collectively raising our vibration by wearing beautiful earth materials.

It's more than just an object, i pour all of my love & attention into each piece and the wearer will absolutely feel that.

Who are my pieces are for?

The dreamers, wild hearts & spiritual beings who are looking for more than just a piece of jewellery...they are looking for

wee treasures that light up their world!